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Event website

Create an outstanding mobile-friendly event website in minutes, enter event information, customize its appearance and start promoting it.
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Guest list

Use Guest List tool to see all the guests with their RSVP's, send them messages, print & download guest list.
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Online RSVP

Use our online RSVP tool to collect responses from guests to know who of them are going to attend your event.
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RSVP via SMS/Call

Collect guests RSVPs via SMS or over a phone call to our shared toll-free number. US/Canada only. Available in paid packages only.

Reminders new

Automatic reminders are sent to guests about an upcoming event, RSVP, and etc. Create your schedule to send reminders. Write your reminders texts.
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Signup list

Use our signup list functionality to create a gift registry, organize potluck list, activities for volunteers to sign up for, or anything else.
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Ask your guests about meal preferences, playlists, preferred event date, venue or anything else.
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Photo Gallery

Upload images to your event website into a photo gallery and allow your guests to upload their photos too.
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Guest groups

Create guest groups (e.g. tables, teams) and assign guests to them manually, automatically or allow guests to choose a group during an RSVP process.
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Event promotion

Promote your event website by sharing its link on any social network, email it, print or publish it anywhere.

Policies/Waivers new

Create event policies/waivers/disclaimers so guests have to accept them before they can RSVP to your event.
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Send emails or text messages to guests (all, attending, etc.) Use comments functionality or stream activity to send real-time event updates to your guests.
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Secret Santa

Make guests attending your event Secret Santas to each other! The game not only for Christmas! Ideal if you need randomly assign a pair to a guest.
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Print event

Print your event website description or its QR-code on your paper invitations or anywhere else.
Copy event feature icon

Copy event

Use our Copy Event feature to duplicate existing events with the same guest list, polls, and other types of tabs.
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Accept payments

Organize fundraising on your event website and collect money from your guests with ease.