Hosting a special event soon? PartyLabz is here to assist you in creating your event website, inviting guests and collecting RSVPs online or via phone.

The Event Information

The important part of your website is your event information. In addition to the event title, description, date/time, and address, you can add a link to map with location (using any map service you want) and the place website (e.g., a restaurant website). You can add up to 10 pages to your event website with the information you want to share with your guests before, during or after the event.

Also, you can customize how the event webpage looks: choose a nice cover image from our catalog, or enter URL address of your custom image; select background color or enter URL for the background image. You can also upload from your computer cover image as well as background image. Additionally, you can enter YouTube/Vimeo/Twitch video URL to show it instead of a cover image.

Guest list & online RSVP

In case of a private event, you have to create a guest list. It will make your website really interactive. First of all, your guests will receive email invitations and will be able to RSVP online. Secondly, if you turn on the comments feature, they will be able to chat about the event. Finally, you and your guests can use the gift registry feature.

It is important to know if some guests do not receive the invitation for reasons like “the email does not exist anymore” our service helps you to manage your invitation process, shows the invitation delivery result and offers some other convenient options to resend the invitation.

When all information is entered, you get a professionally looking event website. Everyone gets a personalized link to open the website as a recognized guest to change RSVP, post comments, participate in other website activity. All the information is always available. The host always knows who is going to attend his/her event, and who brings what.

Gifts registry / Potluck / Costumes / etc.

If you are throwing a shower or a birthday party then you will probably need a gifts registry. On another hand, if it is a BBQ party, a picnic, a graduation celebration, a potluck, or another event then you can use our registry as a potluck list to let your guests choose who brings what. Rename your registry if it is not a gifts list and add items into it. For every item, you can enter name, quantity and give a link to an online store or a website with a description of the item. Every guest from your list will be able to choose any item which is left and its quantity to bring. You can even allow guests to add items in the list by themselves. Sometimes this can be very helpful!

We hope you enjoy your well organized party.