PartyLabz is your go-to tool that helps you create impressive mobile-ready RSVP websites for your personal or business events. Using PartyLabz, you can effortlessly share event information, collect RSVP online, via text messages, or phone calls, and simplify the entire planning process.

Our essential features are designed to enhance your event experience:

  • Modern and mobile-friendly website.
  • Customizable appearance options: main event image, styling (colors, fonts, etc), animations and page effects.
  • Event website QR-code for easy RSVP.
  • Personal guest QR-code to simplify venue entry.
  • Manage guest list with attendee details. You can add guests manually, import them from a CSV file, from Google Contact or from previous events.
  • Group management for guests with manual or self-assigned group options.
  • Customizable RSVP page.
  • Event schedule.
  • Polls for gathering votes from guests.
  • Signup lists for various items, such as a gift registry, potluck or volunteer signups.
  • Budgeting tool to keep track of expenses and payments.
  • Checklist to track what needs to be done next.
  • Notes to keep ideas related to your event (recipes, decoration ideas, etc).
  • Interactive photo gallery.
  • File sharing.
  • Accepting payments from guests for fundraising or donation.
  • Built-in Secret Santa game.
  • Customization of RSVP auto-responses sent to your guests.
  • Online RSVP.
  • Email and text predefined invitations to guests.
  • Reminders via email.
  • RSVP collection through text messages or voice calls to a shared phone number with IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

Our premium features offer:

  • Playing Audio or Video on the event website.
  • Multiple pages where you can provide in-depth information about your event, accomodations, etc.
  • Custom emails and messages to guests.
  • Waiver template.
  • Integration with Google Analytics and SEO capabilities.

Events with up to 10 guests and a single page with event details or any other functionality enjoy free access to all essential features.

For larger events or when premium features are wanted, hosts need to pay a one-time fee that enables all the features. Those who organize events on a regular basis may prefer our subscription plans. For the details please reference our Pricing page.

Experience the unparalleled convenience and seamless event planning offered by PartyLabz. Join us today and revolutionize your event management.