Discover the Ease of Organizing Your Next Event with PartyLabz's Online RSVP.

Planning a party or any event can be both thrilling and a bit stressful. From deciding the venue to keeping track of who's coming, there's a lot to manage. But, imagine if you could simplify a big part of this task, especially managing your guests? That's where PartyLabz steps in with its user-friendly online RSVP feature!

PartyLabz has crafted an online RSVP system that's not just easy to use, but incredibly efficient. Whether you're organizing a birthday bash, a wedding, or a corporate gathering, the ability to manage your guest list digitally offers a world of convenience. You can say goodbye to the hassle of making phone calls or sending out countless messages to confirm attendance. With PartyLabz, organizing becomes a breeze as it offers a seamless way for your guests to confirm their attendance and for you to keep track of every detail, all in one place.

Let's look into how PartyLabz's online RSVP can transform your event planning experience into a smooth, enjoyable journey.

After you make your event website look just right with its content and style, it's time to set up the most crucial part - the RSVP form. Head over to the "RSVP Settings" page to start. Here, you'll find 3 sections:

  • General: In this section, you can adjust basic settings for the RSVP form like the maximum number of people who can come to your event, and more.
  • Standard Questions: This part lets you pick some usual questions to ask your guests, like their phone number or the company they work for.
  • Custom Questions: Here, you can come up with your own questions to ask your guests.

Just remember, the Standard and Custom questions only work for online RSVP forms. If your guests are responding by text message or phone call, you won't be able to ask these detailed questions.

General RSVP form configuration

General RSVP settings

This is what you can configure:

  • Enable RSVP: You can turn off the RSVP for your event any time by just unchecking the box.
  • Allow guests to change their RSVP: If this is unchecked, guests can't change their RSVP later. They'll need to contact you if they change their mind.
  • Guest List Size: You can set how many people can come. This total includes both the people saying they'll come and those who might. For free events, you can have up to 10 guests.
  • Maximum "Total Guests" value: This lets you set a limit on how many people a guest can bring, including themselves. For example, '1' means they can only come alone, '2' means they can bring one person with them, and so on.
  • Maximum "Total Guests" value: The number of people a guest can bring with themselves including the guest. For example, 1 means that guest can come alone, 2 means that the guest can bring a plus one, and so on.
  • RSVP Options: You can decide what responses guests can pick when they RSVP online. Your options include:
    • Yes, Maybe, No
    • Yes, No
    • Submit
    • : This is best for events where only guests coming need to RSVP.
  • RSVP button name: You can name the RSVP button whatever you like. Just keep it short so it fits on a smartphone screen.
  • RSVP By: Set a cutoff date for when you'll stop accepting RSVPs.
  • Password to RSVP: You can set a password for the RSVP process if you only want people who know it to respond.
  • Unique numeric Event Code to RSVP: Once you upgrade to a paid plan, you get a digital code. You can change this code to whatever you want, as long as no one else at PartyLabz has already chosen it. This code is important for guests who are RSVP'ing through a text message or a phone call. Remember, this code might be removed after your event is over.
  • Tab to open after guests RSVP the first time: After a guest RSVPs, you can direct them to another page, like a poll or signup sheet.
  • External RSVP system URL: If you prefer, direct guests to an external RSVP system. This means your event page is just for info, and you won't have registered guests on PartyLabz.
  • Group assign mode: You can decide how guest groups are formed.
    • Only hosts can assign guests to groups: This is the standard choice. Only you and any co-hosts you've picked can put guests into groups.
    • Guests pick group in first RSVP: This option lets your guests choose a group when they first RSVP to your event.
    • Guests can edit group post-RSVP: This allows guests to change their group if they decide to edit their RSVP later.
  • Name for groups: You can name the groups, like 'Teams' or 'Tables'.
  • Guest must choose a group: If checked, guests need to pick a group when they RSVP.

Standard Questions

Standard RSVP questions

On this tab you can enable any of standard questions our system supports:

  • Ask for Phone
  • Ask for Address
  • Ask for Company
  • Ask for Job Title
  • Ask for Age: This quesion is useful when you have policies/waivers configured at PartyLabz and they require guests to be older of some age.

Please note that at this time event if you enable these questions guests may choose to not answer them.

Custom Questions

To see how to configure custom RSVP questions read the article "Custom RSVP Questions".


PartyLabz offers a powerful online tool to see who's coming to your party and gather any details you need when they RSVP. It's a breeze for guests to reply, and you can adjust everything to match your event just right. Want to ask your guests something specific? No problem. Let them choose a group as they RSVP and decide if they want to get emails with updates and reminders about the event. For anyone wanting an easy and complete method to manage event invites, PartyLabz is your best pick.

Dive into a world of simplicity with PartyLabz, your go-to helper for making memorable events. Let us help make your event even more amazing!

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