Are you planning an event and looking for an easy way to sell tickets online? PartyLabz offers a simple but powerful solution to sell event tickets directly from your personalized event website. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get started and make your event a success.

Ticketed Event Example

Step 1: Create Your Event Website

With PartyLabz, creating an event website is easy. You have plenty of options to configure and customize the appearance of your website, making it as unique as your event. More details on how to create your event website can be found here.

Event Website With Tickets Selling

Step 2: Set Up Your Payment Gateway

To be able to collect money for your tickets, you need to create a Stripe account if you don't already have one. Stripe is a secure online payment processor that will handle the financial transactions for your ticket sales. Once you've set up your account, link it to PartyLabz.

Please navigate to the "My Events" page and from there to the "Stripe" page. To start, click on the "Connect with Stripe" button and you will get redirected to Stripe where you will be asked some questions. When connection is established you will be redirected back to our Stripe page under your account. This connection ensures that the money from ticket sales goes straight to your Stripe account.

Step 3: Configure Your Event for Ticket Sales

On your event's "Event Settings" page, select the "Ticketed" event type. This setting enables the ticket selling features for your event.

Event Website Settings

Next, go to the "Ticket Settings" page to set your preferred currency, taxes, and a transaction descriptor that will appear on attendees' credit card statements.

Event Website Ticket Settings

Step 4: Create Ticket Types

Defining ticket types is essential for managing sales. On the "Ticket Types" page, you can specify ticket names, prices, available quantities, and other parameters. This flexibility allows you to cater to different audiences, such as early birds, VIPs, or group sales.

Step 5: Test Your Ticket Sales

Before promoting your event, it's recommended to test the ticket selling process. PartyLabz offers a "Test mode" on the "Ticket Settings" page, allowing you to simulate transactions without incurring actual charges. Use a test credit card to ensure everything runs smoothly.

To buy a test ticket with a test credit card, go to the event preview and click on the "Buy Tickets" (the button name is configured on the "RSVP Settings" page).

Tickets purcshase, step 1

Select tickets you would like to buy, and click on the "Proceed" and enter name and address of person who buys the tickets:

Tickets purcshase, step 2

When the information is entered click on the "Purchase" button to proceed to the credit card form:

Tickets purcshase, step 3

In test mode the website will let you know what credit card number and other credentials to enter. In life mode guests will need to enter their real credit card number or use Google Pay or Apple Pay to pay for your tickets.

If the payment goes well, user will be redirected to the page where purchased tickets are listed:

Viewing purchased tickets

The system will send an email to guests with ticket purchase confirmation and a link to get tickets online.

Step 6: Promote Your Event

With your event website and ticket sales configured, it's time to spread the word. The "Dashboard" page of your event provides a URL and QR code for easy sharing. Please share your event website URL or QR-code on social media, through press releases, by distributing flyers or in any other way that suits you best.

Event Dashboard

Step 7: Monitor Ticket Sales

Keep an eye on your ticket sales progress on the "Sold Tickets" page. Here, you'll find details about each ticket sold.

Sold Tickets Sale

On this page you can see sold tickets summary as well as each sold ticket details. Also, you can issue a refund per ticket.

Buyers information is available on the "Guest List" page:

Event Guest List

You can manage guests here, change their names, email addresses and other information. This is where you can also mark guests as arrived or departed to your event. For this, click on the three dots button next to the guest name and select the corresponding menu item.

The page "Transactions" lets you see sales transactions


The difference between this page and the "Sold Tickets" page is that here one record represents a purchase transaction that can include several tickets at once. You can also issue a refund for the whole transaction.

Selling event tickets with PartyLabz is straightforward and efficient, leaving you more time to focus on making your event memorable. Plus, with a transaction fee of only 2% (minimum of $0.5 and maximum of $15 per sale), it's an affordable solution. PartyLabz transfers the ticket fees directly to your Stripe account, ensuring secure and prompt payment.

In summary, PartyLabz's Event Tickets Selling feature provides everything you need to sell tickets online without hassle. From creating an elegant event website to managing sales and promoting your event, PartyLabz simplifies the entire process. Don't let ticket selling overwhelm you—let PartyLabz take care of the details so you can focus on hosting an unforgettable event.

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