At PartyLabz, we know how important it is to keep your guests in the loop. That's why we have created a useful feature called Reminders. With reminders, you can send helpful alerts to your guests about RSVPs, event details, polls, and more!

Create and Customize Reminders

Creating reminders on PartyLabz is super easy. You can create as many reminders as your event plan allows:

  • Free Plan: Allows up to 3 reminders.
  • Paid Plans: Allow more, depending on the plan details.

Types of Reminders

Below are the types of reminders you can create on PartyLabz:

  • Remind to RSVP: This reminder will be sent to guests who haven't RSVP'd after you've invited them using PartyLabz invitation capabilities.
  • Remind About the Event: This reminder is perfect for sending to guests who have already RSVP'd. It keeps them excited and informed about the event.
  • Remind to Answer Polls or Sign Up for Activities: Automatically generated when you add polls or signup list pages, this reminder is sent to RSVP'd guests who haven't responded to polls or signed up for activities.

Setting Up Reminders

When you set up a reminder, you have three key components to fill out:

  • Type: Choose from the three types mentioned above.
  • Schedule: You can select a specific number of days before the event for the reminder to be sent. Alternatively, make it a recurrent reminder that will be sent throughout a given date range at intervals you specify (in days).
  • Description: This field is for your own notes and will not be sent to guests.

A helpful tip: While the description is just for you, the schedule is critical as it informs the system when to send out the reminders. Always check to ensure your dates and intervals are correct.

Custom Messages

PartyLabz also allows you to customize the reminder messages. Each type of reminder has a default message, but you can change the text to suit your needs on the "Custom Messages" page. This means any reminder of the same type will use the new text you provide. This feature may not be available on some plans.

Email Reminders Only

It's important to note that, at this time, reminders work only via email. This means that guests who only have a phone number and no email will not receive any reminders. Make sure your guest list includes email addresses to take full advantage of this feature.

Email Limits and Plans

The number of emails sent for a reminder counts towards the available emails in your plan. If you run out of emails, the reminder will not be sent. Here's how you can manage your emails effectively:

  • Track Email Usage: Keep an eye on your email quota so that you don't run out. You can check your usage on the "Dashboard" page by clicking on the "view addons & usage" next to the event plan name.
  • Upgrade Plans: Consider upgrading to a higher plan if you expect to send a lot of reminders.

Making Reminders Work for You

Okay, let’s see how you can make the most out of these reminders.

  • Keep Guests Active: A well-timed Remind to Answer Polls or Sign Up for Activities can keep your guests engaged and excited about the event.
  • Boost Your RSVP List: If you're waiting for responses, set up a Remind to RSVP to nudge those who haven’t RSVP’d yet.
  • Final Details: Use Remind About the Event to share last-minute information like dress codes, schedules, or any changes in venue.

In Conclusion

PartyLabz Reminders feature is designed to make event planning smoother and ensure no one misses out on the details. With customizable schedules and messages, you have all the control you need to keep your event running smoothly. Just remember that reminders work only via email, and the number sent will count towards your available emails. Create your reminders, sit back, and let PartyLabz handle the rest!

So, get started, and make your next event the best one yet with PartyLabz reminders!

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