Planning an event can be both exciting and challenging, especially when you're organizing a fundraiser. Collecting payments from guests often complicate things. But what if there was a way to simplify this process, making it smooth and hassle-free? Enter PartyLabz's Payments feature, designed to make collecting payments from guests post-RSVP easy and convenient.

Introducing the Payments Feature

The Payments feature by PartyLabz is a easy and convenient way for event hosts looking to collect funds. Whether you're organizing a charity event, school fundraiser, or any function where collecting money is necessary, this feature simplifies the process. By partnering with Stripe, a trusted online payment platform, PartyLabz ensures secure and straightforward transactions directly from your event's website.

Getting Started with Stripe

To start collecting payments, first, ensure you have a Stripe account. Linking this account to PartyLabz is a straightforward process that takes a couple minutes. Simply navigate to the "My Events" page on PartyLabz, select the "Stripe" page from the menu, and click "Connect with Stripe". Follow a few simple steps on Stripe's page, and that's it'! You're set to collect payments through your event's website.

Setting Up for Payments

After linking your Stripe account, head over to the "Payments Settings" page of your event website to tailor the payment collection to your needs. You can specify the currency, set a default payment amount, determine minimum and maximum payment limits, and much more. This customization ensures your guests can contribute comfortably and according to the event's requirements.

Adding a payment collection page to your event's website is just as easy. Access the "Edit Event Website" page, click "Add Tab," select the Payments function, and decide who can view this tab. With these settings in place, your event is ready to accept donations or fees directly through the site.

Benefits for Hosts and Guests

One of the standout features is the flexibility it offers. Guests can choose how much they wish to contribute, within the set limits, making it inclusive for everyone. Additionally, hosts can track all received payments via the "Transactions" page or on a corresponding page on the event website, maintaining transparency and ease of management.

No Pressure Payments

It's important to highlight that this feature doesn't enforce payments from guests. Rather, it facilitates a convenient option for guests wishing to contribute to your event financially. This approach respects guests' preferences and circumstances, ensuring a positive experience for all involved.

In summary, the Payments feature by PartyLabz transforms the way event organizers collect funds. Through a secure, user-friendly platform, collecting donations or fees is no longer a daunting task but a seamless part of your event planning. Get ready to elevate your fundraising events with PartyLabz's Payments feature, where convenience meets security.

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