PartyLabz makes it easy for you to create a stylish event website for RSVP that works well on mobile devices, and you can do it in just a few minutes. Just provide the essential event information, like the event name, date, time, and location, and you're all set.

In addition to the basics, you can provide more details about the event, such as planned activities and any specific information guests should know. If there's a dress code, it's a good idea to mention that too. Offering extra information helps ensure that your guests are well-informed and ready to RSVP online for your event quickly.

The structure of PartyLabz's event website is organized as follows:

  • Event Image: This creates the first visual impression for users.
  • Event Title: Provides guests with an idea of where they're invited. Keep it brief.
  • Event Date/Time and Location.
  • Host Information: Specifies the event's host, whether it's your name or your company's name.
  • Pages: Each page serves a distinct purpose, such as content, images, polls, signup lists, etc. The functionality of each page varies based on its intended purpose, catering to both organizers and guests.

When you create a new event website, there's an initial page called "Description." Though optional, it's recommended to use this page to share information about your event. Leaving it blank is a choice, but giving details about your event is advisable. Providing more information can reduce the number of questions guests may ask you before they RSVP online to your event.

In the paid version of PartyLabz, you can create up to 10 pages for your event, while the free version allows only 1 page. This means you have more flexibility and space to organize and present various aspects of your event with the paid version.

Here is a variety of page types to enhance your party planning experience:

  • Content: Craft pages dedicated to text, such as FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Things To Do, and Accommodations.
  • Guests: Display a list of attendees, providing transparency about who is participating in your event.
  • Agenda/Schedule: Share your event schedule, ideal for occasions like weddings, seminars, and other planned events.
  • Polls: Engage your guests by creating questions with predefined answers, perfect for gathering votes, determining food preferences, deciding on activities, and more.
  • Signup List: Generate a list for guests to sign up for specific items, such as gift ideas, subevents, or activities requiring assistance. Each item can have a total available quantity and a quantity available per guest.
  • Images: Showcase photos on dedicated pages and allow guests to upload their own images, fostering a collaborative visual experience.
  • Files: Share files like flyers, posters, waivers, or maps with guests and enable them to upload their own files.
  • Comments: Establish a guest book or communication platform where attendees can leave comments and interact with one another.
  • Activity Stream: Share quick updates about your event. When guests have the page open, they'll see your messages right away. It's an easy way to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Payments: Collect payments directly through your event website, whether it's for fundraising with a monetary goal or simply accepting donations. Customize settings such as minimum and maximum limits, default amounts, and determine who covers the service fee.

PartyLabz provides you with several easy-to-use settings to personalize the appearance of your event website:

  • Choose a Main Image: Pick from a catalog, upload your own image, or use a web link. For better mobile viewing, consider a vertical image but keep in mind that on desktops it will not look as good as on a mobile device.
  • Add a Video: Select a video from YouTube, Vimeo, TED, or upload your own (premium feature). If used, the video replaces the main image on the website, though the image is retained for email invitations. Video playback depends on the browser. Include Audio: Upload an MP3 file or provide an audio file URL to play on your event website.
  • Logo Upload: This add-on is useful for companies. Your logo will replace PartyLabz's logo on the event website and in emails, excluding any mention of PartyLabz in guest emails. The domain name will still appear.
  • Style Your Event Website: Adjust the default font, its size, text and background colors, as well as colors for RSVP, page buttons and other elements.
  • Add Animations: Choose animations for various elements like page entrance, the event image and so on.

With these options, you can effortlessly make your event website uniquely yours and add a touch of fun.

PartyLabz provides flexibility in configuring the visibility of each page, offering the following modes:

  • All: The page is visible to anyone who visits your event website using its public URL
  • Guests: The page is shown exclusively to recognized guests. A guest is identified by using a personal link, which combines the event website URL with a unique guest identifier. An anonymous visitor becomes a recognized guest upon registration, or when using a link from an email invitation sent via PartyLabz.
  • Host/Co-Host: The page is visible solely to guests with the roles of host or co-hosts.

This functionality allows you to create pages and keep them invisible to everyone, revealing them only to you and co-hosts until the pages are ready. Alternatively, you can choose to display certain pages exclusively to recognized guests.

A page also has the following settings options:

  • Who can change function data on the tab: Decide who can modify functional data on the tab. Grant guests the ability to add their questions to polls, items to signup lists, and upload images or files.
  • Who can see functional information and how: Choose who can see functional information and how it's displayed, allowing you to control access to information provided by other guests.
  • Function Mode: Enable, disable, or set a cutoff date for guests to provide answers to questions, sign up for items, and more.
  • Guest Print Mode: Toggle printing capabilities on or off for your guests, giving you control over the ability to print information related to the event.

The unique features above are what makes guests' experience more interactive and fun.

You have the option to designate the first page guests see after their initial RSVP. This allows you to guide them to specific pages, such as polls or signups, right from the start.

PartyLabz offers more than just a basic RSVP website. It provides your guests with the opportunity to actively participate in various activities, such as answering polls, signing up for events, and volunteering. This functionality aims to simplify your party planning process and make it more enjoyable for both you and your guests.

Feel encouraged to create your own event website with RSVP functionality and explore how this feature works. It's completely free to start, with no obligations attached.

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