This article will tell you how the Secret Santa works at PartyLabz.


First, create your event website

Begin by entering your party name, host name and email.

When an event created you will be redirected to the Dashboard page - the main page from where you proceed to configure your event before inviting your guests.

Follow checklist items to configure your event website. Apply your creativity on the "Appearance Settings" page to give your event website a unique and festive look.

If you plan to have more than 10 people playing Secret Santa or your are willing to use all our features please head to the "Upgrade Event" page.


Invite guests and collect RSVPs

Add guests, send email invitations and watch the RSVP pour in.

There are two ways to invite your guests to the Christmas party and gift exchange:

  • You can add guests on the Guests page and email invitations by clicking on the Invite button and then An email invitation dropdown menu option and optionally chnage your invitation message. PartyLabz will send emails to all your guests with a unique RSVP link for each guest.
  • Or, you can share your event's unique URL on social media or paper invitations so guests can register and RSVP themselves. Ideal if you have an open event where anyone can join!

Don't forget to specify an RSVP deadline several weeks before your party to allow enough time for people to find Secret Santa gifts.


Add the Secret Santa tab

To organize a gift exchange, go to the Event Website Editor and click on the Add Tab button under the event details. In the popup dialog, scroll down that menu and add Secret Santa.

After all guests have RSVP'd, run the Secret Santa generator:

  • Open the Secret Santa tab
  • Select random pairing or random drawing
  • Enter a maximum recommended gift price, if you'd like
  • Include any additional instructions that participants need
  • Click on the Activate button.

Each guest will receive an email that contains the information about the person for whom he/she will be providing a gift.


Keep track of Secret Santa pairs

By default created pairs Secret Santa - Recipient are hidden. Guests can find their recipients on the Secret Santa tab.

The event host has ability to unlock the list of generated pairs. In the list the host will be able to see the list of guests divided into pairs. The guest on the left is a Secret Santa for the guest on the right.

Also, hosts can toggle flags that the present has been sent or received for each guest in case when the game is happening remotely, ie guests send presents over regular post.


Build excitement for participants

On your event website, a guest can:

  • See their gift recipient
  • Anonymously send a message to their gift recipient
  • Send a message to their own Secret Santa (without knowing their name)
  • Set the flag that they have sent or received a present.

Have fun playing Secret Santa!

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