Are you throwing a party or organizing an event and need an easy way to share important documents with your guests? Then you'll love the "Files" feature on PartyLabz, the event management platform that's here to make your life easier.

This feature allows hosts like you to create a special page where you can upload documents for your guests to access. Whether it's PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, maps, or menus, you can share anything (except executable files) directly through your event's website. Your guests can easily download these files or even give them an upvote to show their appreciation.

How to Use the Files Feature?

So, how does it work? Let's dive right in.

  • Start by navigating to the "Event Edit" page, where you manage the content of your event website on PartyLabz.
  • Look for the "Add tab" icon, which is located at the end of the row with the "Description" tab, and click on it.
  • Here, you''ll select the "Files" function.
  • Choose an icon for your new tab (page), and give it a name that describes the contents you'll be sharing.
  • Decide on who can see this tab: you have options ranging from only the host and co-hosts to all event website visitors.
  • Select who can see the uploaded files, which can be just the host, guests seeing their own files, or everyone seeing all the files.
  • Determine who can change the files on this tab - this can be restricted to just the host/co-hosts or extended to guests.
  • Choose the "Function Mode" to decide if guests can upload files and if there's a deadline for uploading.
  • Decide who can print the list of files, from just the host/co-hosts to guests and all visitors.
  • Click "Save" to finish setting up your tab.

To upload a file, simply click the "Upload" button on your freshly created tab and select the document you want to share. Remember, the maximum file size is 10MB, but you can upload as many files as you need.

The "Files" feature is incredibly useful for various types of events. For example, if you're hosting a conference, you can upload schedules, speaker bios, and venue maps. Planning a wedding? Share your menu, seating chart, and directions to the venue. Organizing a sports day? Upload waiver forms for participants to fill out and bring to the event.

No matter what type of event you're organizing, the "Files" feature on PartyLabz makes it simple and convenient to share important information with your guests. It's easy to use, saves you time, and ensures that everyone has access to the documents they need to enjoy your event to the fullest.

So, why not take advantage of this handy feature for your next event? With PartyLabz, sharing files with your guests has never been easier!


Here is an example event that uses the "Files" feature.

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