Hosting a special event? It's never been easier. Quickly organize a professional-looking event and invite guests via email or text. Guests can then RSVP online or through a toll-free number.

Move beyond event essentials

PartyLabz is a premier event management site. Besides standard features, you can fully customize how your event page looks, too. Select from a wide variety of high-quality cover images from our catalog. Or, upload your own cover/background images or URLs for a custom look. You can even embed a video (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, etc.) that plays instead of a static image.

PartyLabz also lets you add your event's location on the map of your choice (Google, Waze, MapFinder, etc.) and link to your venue's website. In fact, you can add up to 10 different tabs on your event page to encourage interaction, boost interest and provide important information for guests before, during and after your event. Create Secret Santas, display a gift registry and more.

Easily manage your guest list, from 20 to 2,000

When you finalize your event information, you'll have a polished, professional website. Next, get the word out. There are several ways you can do that:

  • Post your public event's URL to social media or share the URL on a paper invitation, eCard or another way.
  • Share our the toll-free PartyLabz phone number and event code for RSVP via phone call or text message.
  • Or, quickly create a guest list on PartyLabz and we'll send (email or text message) your guests a personalized link to open your event website as a recognized guest.

Whatever the size of your guest list, it's essential to know who has and who has not received your email invitation. PartyLabz helps you manage invalid email addresses, displaying invitation delivery results and offering convenient options to resend the invitation.

Help guests sign up for gifts, food, costumes and more

Throwing a shower or a birthday party? You may want a gift registry. If you're hosting a BBQ, picnic, potluck or more, use our sign-up list to let guests sign up for food or beverages. Or, for a costume party, let guests tell you what they're wearing. Or, you can quickly organize a Secret Santa gift exchange … all online. It's easy to pair up guests.

Our sign-up list feature is easy and flexible. Name it anything you like, pick items yourself with quantities and store links, or let guests add items to the list themselves. It's that simple.

Have an agenda? We can help

When you event has an agenda or schedule you want guests to know ahead of time, PartyLabz can help. (Select the + tab on the tabs row or click on "Menu" at the top, right of each page and then choose "Add a tab". From there, select "Agenda/Schedule.")

For weddings, you can add dates, times, locations and descriptions for a rehearsal dinner, the ceremony itself, a photo session and reception. For conferences, meetups and classes, you can include a schedule for registration, breakfast, presentations and more.

Hosts can also add a "Files tab" to make flyers, forms, parking maps and other types of documents available for download. Hosts can also allow participants to upload their own files. (Select the + tab on the tabs row or click on "Menu" at the top, right of each page and and then choose "Add a tab. From there, select "Files".)

Enjoy your well-organized party.