Updated: May 25, 2024

PartyLabz offers a free plan for you to try our services and to confirm that PartyLabz is the right fit for your events before choosing to upgrade to a paid plan or subscription.

Upgrade fees and subscription renewals are final and non-refundable.

You may choose to cancel your PartyLabz subscription at any time. Your events will remain available and accepting new registrations, and you will still have premium features through the conclusion of your current billing period. At the end of your subscription, your events will get switched to a free plan. Your guests will be able to visit your event website however they may not be able to use premium features or change their RSVP from No to Maybe or Yes, or increase the number of guests.

Subscription Renewals

PartyLabz customers are responsible for canceling their subscription plans once their event(s) are finished and/or the service is no longer required. To cancel a subscription users need to select the "Subscription" item in the menu on their "My Events" page, then click the "Go to the Customer Portal" button that redirects users to Stripe's customer portal where they can change or cancel subscription to PartyLabz.

Full or partial (prorated) credit card refunds will not be offered for active monthly subscriptions that have been renewed and have been charged as scheduled.

On a case-by-case basis, PartyLabz may consider an account credit for future use for renewal fees if the product has not been in active use in the latest billing period.

Annual Subscription Renewals

Annual subscription renewals (billed in 12-month increments) may be paused and resumed at a later date free of charge or penalty within 5 days of a scheduled renewal.

Annual renewals where the subscription has been canceled within 48 hours of renewal and the product has not been in recent use may be eligible for a refund of the renewal charge, less a 15% late cancellation fee.

Please Note: PartyLabz does not monitor the activity of individual accounts and does not proactively cancel a subscription account without receiving a direct request from the customer. The fact that a subscription account may have been inactive during the billing period(s) is not grounds for a refund.

Ticket Service Fees

In the event that your guest requests a refund of their ticket purchase or you choose to cancel your event, you may choose to refund individual guests' orders following the guide on the Tickets page.

PartyLabz's service fees for the processing of a given order are non-refundable, and in the event that a ticket purchaser is refunded for their purchase of ticket(s) to your event, the associated PartyLabz fee will not be refunded or credited to your Stripe account balance.

Credit Card Disputes

Depending on your bank and credit card issuer, customers may reserve the right to dispute an PartyLabz charge with their bank or credit card company. PartyLabz will investigate the details of the dispute and your claim.

If the charge(s) in question are deemed to be authorized and valid by PartyLabz, PartyLabz will submit evidence to your bank and/or credit card company that illustrates your authorized purchase or subscription intent and agreement to PartyLabz's Terms of Service. Evidence may include your digital signature, IP address, access and activity logs, account screenshots, event details, billing timeline and activity, and cancellation logs. PartyLabz may submit other evidence as it deems material to a given dispute claim.

PartyLabz reserves the right to collect funds owed in the event that an authorized transaction is disputed and not resolved in PartyLabz's favor by your bank or credit card issuer.

PartyLabz may choose to seek payment from the customer for any funds owed, in addition to reimbursement for any fees or penalties assessed due to a credit card dispute. PartyLabz may choose to retain the services of a 3rd-party collection agency that may choose to report to select credit bureaus.

Further, PartyLabz reserves the right to seek compensation at its sole discretion for any damages and/or legal fees resulting from a dispute or failure to remit funds owed.

Contact Us

If you have a billing question or concern, please contact us at support@partylabz.com, and we will be happy to assist!