PartyLabz offers a straightforward event budgeting tool to facilitate efficient planning for your upcoming event. The tool, while uncomplicated, delivers essential functionality for estimating the overall cost of your event and tracking payments made or pending.

To access the budgeting tool, you will need to create an event website first. Then, proceed to the Dashboard page and finally navigate to the Budget page.

Upon reaching the Budget page, you will encounter a clean, initially empty layout:

Begin by adding relevant details for each expense you anticipate. A budget item can store comprehensive information, including the name of the expense, the estimated expense amount, due-by date (if applicable), and user notes. These user notes serve as a customizable space where users can add any additional information they deem necessary.

Additionally, each budget item includes details about the vendor, including the vendor's name, contact person's name, email, phone number, and the vendor's website. This approach ensures that users have a detailed and organized record of each expense and the associated vendor information.

A visual representation of a completed budget page is illustrated below:

At the top of the page, a summary displays the estimated total expenditure for the event, the amount already paid, and the remaining balance.

For each budget item, you have the option to record payment details, including the date and amount paid, the chosen payment method, and any additional notes:

At any time, users have the flexibility to add new budget items, records with payment details, remove payment records or budget items, or update budget item details. This feature ensures adaptability and precision throughout the event planning process, allowing users to refine their budget as needed.

Moreover, PartyLabz enhances user convenience by enabling the download of budget items and recorded payments lists into CSV files. These files can be seamlessly opened by any spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel, for further analysis and organization.

Additionally, users have the option to print the budget items list directly from the platform, facilitating accessibility and ease of reference during the event budget planning.

In essence, PartyLabz's event budget tracking is designed to provide users with a clear and organized platform for managing financial aspects related to their events, ensuring a streamlined and accountable planning process.

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