PartyLabz allows you to create guest groups. A group has the following properties:

  • Name - a unique group name
  • Capacity - how many guests can be in the group
  • Color - the group color. At this moment it is not used anywhere

The event host can assign a group to a guest via guest's edit dialog on the "Guest List" page or allow guests to select groups during RSPV process.

The settings on the group assignment are located on the "RSVP Settings" page:

  • Group assign mode - available options are:
    • Only hosts can assign guests to groups
    • Guests pick group in first RSVP
    • Guests may edit group post-RSVP
  • Name for groups - the host can decide what meaning groups have in the context of the event. It can be tables, if this is a wedding and host needs seating map; or it can be teams if this is a game gathering, and so on
  • Guest must choose a group - if selected the guest must choose a group during RSPV, otherwise selecting a group by a guest is optional.

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