Elevate Your Graduation Party Planning with PartyLabz

Graduation parties are moments to cherish, marking the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. Yet, organizing such an event for a large group can feel overwhelming. PartyLabz is here to help, offering assistance to ensure your or your kids' party is planned perfectly without stress.

Introducing PartyLabz

PartyLabz is an innovative online platform designed to simplify event planning for all occasions, including graduation parties.

How can we help

Let us hear from Sarah Brook who wanted to throw a graduation party for her daughter Emily. Emily had worked tirelessly over the years and was about to graduate from the Computer Science Program, University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Sarah decided to use Partylabz for the event.

Sitting down with Emily, Sarah listened intently as her daughter shared her vision for the perfect party. Emily dreamed of a chic and elegant affair, with twinkling lights, a dance floor, and all her closest friends and family gathered to celebrate. With PartyLabz by her side, Sarah knew she could make Emily's dreams a reality.

Sarah spent about 10 minutes to create a first free draft of the future event website that at the moment looked like this:

She could continue using the free version and share the event URL via Facebook but she decided to use email invitations and collect RSVP online. As she planned to invite around 100 guests, the paid version allowed her to easily see the current situation, send reminders if needed to those who hadn't RSVP'd yet and do much more. The full functionality including 100 text messages costed her just US$35.00 (here is the pricing).

Effortless Invitation Management

One of the cornerstones of any successful event is the guest list, and PartyLabz makes managing invitations easier. With customizable digital invitations, Sarah could effortlessly create and send stylish invites that reflect the tone and theme that Emily wanted.

Here is an example of how the guest attending summary looked like at some point:

Guest List

However, amidst the excitement, a small hiccup arose. A week after sending out the invitations, Sarah noticed that some guests hadn't RSVP'd or even opened their messages, despite them showing as "Delivered" or "Processed". It turned out that these emails had unknowingly landed in recipients' Spam folders.

Quick to address the issue, Sarah sprang into action. Fortunately, there were only 12 guests affected. She reached out to them through alternative channels such as text and social media messages, ensuring that no one was left out. With her proactive approach and the support of her understanding community, Sarah made sure that all guests finally received their invitations.

Additionally, some guests expressed concerns about potential spam messages from PartyLabz. However, Sarah had already done her research and knew that PartyLabz guaranteed never to send any emails except those related to the event to any guest, nor would they sell their information. This assurance put everyone's minds at ease, allowing the focus to remain on the joyous celebration ahead.

Personalized Event Planning

Sarah decided to use the Budgeting tool to create an initial to-do list and calculate an approximate budget for the party. It helped her with keeping track of expenses and its timeline feature to ensure she didn't forget any important details.

Seamless Coordination

Once invitations started to reach the recipients, a lot of Emily's friends' parents wanted to help. Sarah wanted to create a volunteer signup list and decided to try the AI Assistant for that. She was pleasantly surprised with the results. Look how easy it was to create a signup list:

She just clicked the "Apply" button and here we are - the new tab was created:

With PartyLabz's user-friendly signup list, parents could easily see which tasks needed volunteers and sign up for their preferred roles. This collaborative approach not only lightened the load for Sarah but also fostered a sense of community spirit among the parents involved.

Sarah and the guests also utilized PartyLabz's "Payments" tab to contribute to the party's expenses. Since Sarah already had a Stripe account, she only needed to link it with PartyLabz. The amount to pay per guest is shown on the "Budget" page:

Once the budget was finalized and Sarah collected all RSVP responses, guests could seamlessly send their contributions using the payment method that suited them best, ensuring that the party was fully funded without any hassle or inconvenience.


As the date of the party drew nearer, Sarah found herself swept up in a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation. With PartyLabz's user-friendly tools, she managed her budget, created a timeline, and coordinated with vendors, ensuring that every detail was attended to with care and precision.

Finally, the day of Emily's graduation party arrived, and Sarah's heart swelled with pride as she watched her daughter beam with happiness and excitement. The venue was transformed into a breathtaking setting, with soft music playing and laughter filling the air.

Throughout the evening, Sarah watched as Emily danced, laughed, and made memories with her friends and family. As the night came to a close, Sarah couldn't help but feel a sense of profound joy and gratitude. Thanks to the incredible support of the community and help of Partylabz, she had been able to organize a college graduation party that perfectly captured the essence of her daughter's journey and celebrated the bright future that lay ahead.

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