As some of you might have already noticed we introduced the new pricing policy for our service on March 12th, 2018. Instead of charging our customers for each feature separately, we have decided to create all included packages where price depends only on maximum possible guests count. The only feature not included in the packages is the ‘PartyLabz logo hiding’ addon. We would like all our customers to be able to use all our functionality without thinking about the price every time they need something. The price for an all included event is much cheaper now so you and your guests can take advantage of all the available features for a smaller amount of money.

There are following packages available now:

  • 100 - FREE plan that allows you to host event up to 100 guests in total. It does not include Advanced Email and Advanced RSVP features;
  • 100+ - all included package for up to 100 guests.
  • 200 - all included package for up to 200 guests;
  • 500 - all included package for up to 500 guests;
  • 1000 -all included  package for up to 1000 guests;
  • 2000 - all included package for up to 2000 guests.

Note, you can purchase an addon 'Hide PartyLabz logo' to a selected plan ’to hide service branding from your event website and the emails sent to your guests except that our domain name still will be visible.

Below is a short description of features included into all paid packages.

Advanced email

Adds to the event the following functionalities:

  • View message delivery status;
  • Message history;
  • Customization of auto-responses that are sent to the guests when they RSVP or do another activities.

Advanced RSVP

Allows you to accept RSVP from your guests via SMS or phone calls using our toll-free phone number. Please note this feature works only in US/Canada.

Please, also, note that we have created a hidden gem for you. If you would like to try our premium features for free or tell your friends about us, you can create an event that contains word PartyLabz in the event name and all the features (except hiding Partylabz logo) will be free*.

Hope the new pricing suites you better with your event needs. Let us know what you think in the comments below, on our ‘Contact Us’ page, on Facebook, Twitter.

* We reserve the right to stop the promotion at any time without any notice.

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