In the realm of event planning, finding tools that make things easier is crucial. PartyLabz, an event management platform, offers a handy feature called Copy Event Website. This feature is especially helpful for organizers handling events with similar themes or audiences, enabling them to effortlessly duplicate event websites.

The Copy Event Website feature is accessible through the "My Events" page. Each event tile on this page features a "Copy" button. Alternatively, users can duplicate an event directly from the event website "Dashboard" page by clicking the "Duplicate" button at the top.

When selecting the Copy Event Website option, users can easily customize what should be copied into the event website. This involves choosing which event pages (tabs) to copy, guest list, checklist, policies, or custom messages.

A key benefit of this feature is the control it provides. Organizers can decide which elements to include in the duplicated event, ensuring that only relevant information is transferred. For instance, if an organizer wants to replicate the event structure but update the guest list, they can uncheck the guest list option during the copying process.

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