PartyLabz is a great tool for planning your wedding as it helps with different parts of getting everything ready. You can make a special wedding website, handle invitations, collect RSVPs, and keep track of things to do and of your budget. PartyLabz also lets you gather important information from your guests to make your wedding more special. You can ask about their favorite foods, if they have any allergies, what songs they'd like to dance, and whatever else you deem necessary.

This way, you can plan everything just the way your guests will love it. PartyLabz makes sure your wedding isn't just organized but also tailored to what your guests will enjoy. It's not just a regular planning tool; it's like having a helping hand that cares about the little details that make your wedding unique.

Here is a brief overview illustrating the simplicity of utilizing PartyLabz for your forthcoming wedding.

Create an Website For Your Wedding

Bring your celebration to life with a beautifully designed event website that's mobile-friendly and user-friendly. In just a few clicks, your personalized website with RSVP form will be up and running, ready to accept responses.

Share Your Wedding Plans, Love Story, FAQ and more

Keep your guests well-informed by sharing the details of your wedding plans. Offer information about the event, including the schedule and venue locations. Address commonly asked questions, provide details about available accommodations, and display your photos and love story. Additionally, PartyLabz includes a handy feature known as the Signup List, which can be utilized for organizing a wedding gift registry, or a list of subevents your guests can signup for, or collect signsup from guests willing to help your out during your wedding. These are just a few examples of what you can accomplish on your event website using PartyLabz. The platform allows you to personalize every aspect, ensuring your wedding website looks fantastic and meets your preferences.

Budget & Planning Tools

To ensure the perfection of your wedding, detailed planning is essential. PartyLabz offers practical tools to assist you in defining a step-by-step list of tasks necessary for your wedding, ensuring a well-organized and smoothly executed event. Additionally, our platform provides a budgeting tool to help you plan your wedding expenses. This tool not only allows you to outline the allocation of your budget but also enables you to keep track of your payments. This way, you can stay informed about what you have already paid for, the remaining balance, and the deadlines for future payments.

Convenient Invitations

PartyLabz provides several options for sending invitations:

  • You can add guests individually, import them in bulk from CSV file, or retrieve contacts from your Google Contacts. Subsequently, you can send electronic invitations through email or text message.
  • Alternatively, you can obtain your RSVP website URL or QR code on the "Dashboard" page and distribute it through various channels, such as social media, messaging apps, or by printing elegant wedding invitations that include the QR code or RSVP link. It is important to keep in mind that for this use case your event must have OPEN event type.

Effortless RSVP Collection

The process of collecting RSVPs is very simple to use. Your guests won't be required to create a PartyLabz account; instead, all they need to do is provide their name, specify the number of attendees, and provide their email or phone number. Additionally, you may choose to ask about details such as meal preferences during the RSVP, aiding in preparation for your wedding day.

The guests' email addresses will be utilized to send an RSVP confirmation with their personal RSVP link to your wedding website. This link grants them the flexibility to easily modify their RSVP status, update responses to your queries, and engage in various activities.

Furthermore, should they choose to opt-in, guests can receive reminders and messages from the host, containing updates about the event.

PartyLabz is dedicated to upholding your privacy and that of your guests. We pledge not to disclose your guests' information to third parties, ensuring a secure and private experience for everyone involved. PartyLabz is committed to providing you and your guests with a seamless and personalized event planning journey, all while prioritizing and respecting your privacy at every step.

Stay Connected

PartyLabz provides features that enable you to communicate updates with your wedding guests:

  • Update wedding details on your event website. It is advisable to create a dedicated page with function "Stream Activity" where you can regularly post updates.
  • Send emails or text messages to your guests to let them know updated information related to your wedding.

Example Wedding Event

Discover a world of convenience with PartyLabz, your indispensable partner in creating memorable weddings. Let us help you make your special day even more extraordinary!

Event website feature icon

Guest List

Easily manage your guest list. See all guests and their RSVP status, then make that information available to other guests, if you want. Plus, send guests email or text messages, and print or download your guest list.
Groups feature icon

Guest Groups

Group guests by tables, teams, etc. Assign your guests to groups manually, automatically or allow guests to choose a group during the RSVP process.
Online Invitations

Online Invitations

PartyLabz makes inviting guests to your events easy with its online invitations. Customize and track RSVPs, and enjoy seamless integration with your event website, ensuring a personalized and hassle-free experience for both hosts and guests.
Text Invitations

Text Invitations

PartyLabz makes it easy for hosts to invite guests to their events with its text invitations feature. You can customize both the invitation message and the RSVP confirmation.
Custom RSVP questions

Custom RSVP questions

Ask your guests your own questions during RSVP process. You can collects texts, numbers, dates, single choice or multiple choice answers, and much more.
Sign up list feature icon

Signup List

With our built-in Signup list functionality you can easily manage gift registries, carpooling, potluck lists, volunteer signups, and more — all in one place.
Polls feature icon


Use our built-in Polls functionality to gather guest preferences on meals, music, event dates, venues, and more with ease.


Use predefined checklist to configure your events website as well as create your own checklist items to keep your event planning on track. You can also use built-in AI to generate a checklist per your requirements


Use our event budgeting tool to track every stage of planning from early estimates to fully paid.
Images feature icon

Photo Gallery

Enhance your event experience by uploading and sharing images. Guests can contribute their photos before, during, and after the event for lasting memories.
Event Comments Feature


Use our Comments feature as a guest book or to give your guests a space to discuss your event


Use our built-in notes to keep your thoughts and ideas in a single place


Automatically send RSVP reminders to guests and upcoming event notifications to attendees via email. Customize schedules and add a personal touch with your own engaging copy.

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