Text option for your invitations is available now

We are happy to introduce a new way to invite people to your event - texting to your guests. The feature is available for US/Canada and is included in all paid packages.

What you need

  • Guests with phone numbers in international format, for example, +1219123456.
  • Your event upgraded to any paid package via ‘Menu - Upgrade the event …’ page.

How it works

In the ‘Guests’ tab click on the black triangle next to the ‘Send message …’ button and select the ‘Send text message …’ menu item.

In the popup dialog choose the group of recipients, change the default message text if you want and click on the ‘Send button …’.

Now the message is queued for sending. Note it may take several minutes until the actual sending starts.

You can see whom the message has been already delivered to in the ‘Msg status’ column.

When the guest receives the invitation message he can reply with his RSVP decision. Here is an example:

Dan’s incoming message:

Hi Dan, you're invited to My birthday party on Sat, Sep 30, 2018 at 6:00 PM. Answer 123456 yes|maybe|no” - this the message PartyLabz sent, where 123456 - is an unique numeric event code assigned to your event by our system. Note you can change the code in the ‘Menu - Event settings …’ dialog on tab ‘RSVP’ in the input ‘Unique numeric event code to RSVP’.

Dan’s reply:

123456 yes
123456 yes 2

PartyLabz auto-reply:

Thank you, Dan. We understand you are attending the event, attendees 1. URL: https://bit.ly/3CvIlsO
Thank you, Dan. We understand you are attending the event, attendees 2. URL: http://bit.ly/sdsdcsdcs

The link provided in the auto-reply is the guest’s unique link that he/she needs to use to open your event website as the recognized guest.

If entered event code is invalid then guest will get following response “Event not found by code ‘123456”.

You can customize the text the system sends to guest upon his/her successful RSVP on the ‘Menu - Custom messages …’ page.

As you see it works pretty straightforward and easy to use.

Please note that all paid packages can also accept incoming RSVP texts without sending out text invitations to your guests. In the case, guest needs to know your event code and phone number where to send text - at the moment we have one number +1 855 981 0505. Here is an example of RSVP via text message:

Mary texting to +1 855 981 0505:

123456 Mary Thomson 2” - PartyLabz will look for the event with code 123456 and then will add Mary Thomson into guests list with ‘Total guests’ setup to 2.

Limitations for the outgoing text messages:

  • Max number of message is 140 chars.
  • Currently, you can send as many text messages as many guests you have in your package.
  • The phone number must be within Canada/US.

Please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions below or on our ‘Contact Us’ page. Thank you.

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