Event Policies/Waivers

We are glad to introduce you our new feature - Event Policies and Waivers. This functionality is for those hosts who needs guest consent or waivers. For example, RSVP cancellation policy or waiver from any responsibility in case of harm during the event.

In the current version, host can add several policies/waivers and enter a full text of the policy in order for guests to be able to print them, sign for each member of the group, and bring to the event.

Once Policy/Waiver is set up, adult plus ones are not allowed in the event. Every adult must RSVP and sign up the policy by him/herself. However, children are still allowed as plus ones. It means that RSVP’ing guest represents himself as a guardian for the accompanying children. Host may specify maximum allowed age of the accompanying guests (kids).

All created and enabled by host policies/waivers will be shown to guests during RSVP process if they answer ‘Yes’ or ‘Maybe’ to the attendance question. They will have to accept each policy/waiver to be able to RSVP.

If host changes a policy after some guests RSVP’d or adds new policy then all acceptances of the policy will be cleared and an email notification will be sent to all attending guests that they need to accept the policy one more time. Host can see who still did not re-accept policy and send them a reminder.

Example of the event is here: https://www.partylabz.com/events/indycar-junior-grand-prix

Here are some screenshots

List of policies created for an event:

Policy edit dialog:

Event RSVP page with policies:


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