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Create your Christmas event website
and play Secret Santa with your family,
friends, co-workers or neighbourhood

How it works


Create your event website

Enter your party name, location and time.

Customize the look of the page in the 'Menu - Change appearance ...' dialog.

Note, you can also add up to 10 tabs with text content, sign up list for potluck, polls, photo gallery and more.

Be creative!

Watch video tutorial


Invite guests and collect RSVP

Add guests, send email invitations and wait until they RSVP.

There are two ways to invite your guests to the Christmas party and game:

  • First, you can add guests on tab 'Guests' and send them invitations by clicking on 'Send -> An email invitation'. Our service will send emails to all your guests with a unique RSVP link for each guest;
  • Second, you can share event website public URL anywhere you like (facebook, twitter, paper invitations, etc.) so your guests can register themselves.

Do not forget to ask your guests to RSVP by some specific date several weeks before your party to have enough time for Secret Santa.

Watch video tutorial


Add Secret Santa tab and play

To play the game, you need to add a tab with the 'Secret Santa' function. It has all the functionality for the game.

After all the guests RSVP it is time to run the Secret Santa generator:

  • Go to the 'Secret Santa' tab;
  • Choose the mode of how to draw guest names for Secret Santa;
  • Enter maximum recommended present price;
  • Write some comments all guests receive with the Secret Santa email;
  • Click on the 'Activate' button.

Each guest will receive an email that contains the information about the person for who he buys a gift.


The organizer can see all guest Secret Santas

When the Secret Santa is activated the host can see the list of guests divided into pairs: the guest on the left is a Secret Santa for the guest on the right.

Also, the host can toggle flags that the present has been sent or received for each guest.


A Guest can see only his gift receiver

On your event website a guest can:

  • see the person to whom he is supposed to give a present;
  • anonymously send a message to the gift recipient;
  • send a message to his own Secret Santa (without knowing his name);
  • set the flag that he has sent or received a present.

Happy playing Secret Santa!

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