PartyLabz has following phone number where guests can send their SMS to RSVP to your event:

  • +1 855 981 0505 - US/Canada toll-free number

Standard charges may apply when sending SMS to the number.

To RSVP a guest has to send following text to the number mentioned above:

XXXXX Rsvp_Answer Guest_Name Total_Guests


  • XXXXX - unique numeric code that identifies an event. The code is assigned by event host in 'Menu - Event settings - RSVP - field "Unique event code to RSVP via phone call or SMS"'.
  • Rsvp_Answer - optional answer which is one of: yes, no, maybe. It useful when changing RSVP for the event.
  • Guest_Name - optional guest name. If guest did not provide name when RSVPing to the event first time then his/her phone number will be used as name.
  • Total_Guests - number of people coming to the event with the guest, including the guest. By default it is 1 - guest him/her-self.

When guest RSVP first time to your event it is recommended to enter name when sending SMS. Later if the guest changes his/her mind about attending the event he/she can just enter decision and do not enter name again.

Guests can RSVP to open as well as to private events. When event is private a guest has to send RSVP from the phone that was entered in guest list by event host (numbers must be entered in international format that starts with +), or enter name exactly as it is entered by host.

After sending SMS guest should receive an answer with confirmation of his/her RSVP, and unique URL to access the event website.


Here are several examples:

  • 55555 Anthony Smith - Anthony RSVPed as attenting the event that has event code 55555.
  • 55555 maybe Robin White - Robin RSVPed as maybe attenting the event that has event code 55555.
  • 55555 Anthony Smith 2 - Anthony RSVPed as attenting the event that has event code 55555. Also, there will be 2 people attending the event including him.
  • 55555 no - Guest who already RSVPed changed his mind and is not going to attend the event that has event code 55555.

If it does not work

In case guest experiences problems texting RSVP to toll-free number he/she can always do it online by visiting the page

All the guest has to do is to enter the code, click on 'Proceed' button, then enter his/her name and email address, answer some other questions and click on 'RSVP' button.

Configuring an event to collect RSVP via SMS

RSVP via SMS is our premium feature and it becomes available after you upgrade your event. All the description below assumes you have done it.

To allow guests RSVP by texting a message to our toll-free number you should assign a unique number to your event. This will allow us to understand which event an incoming message relates to. To do so please follow the steps:

  • Open event settings dialog via 'Menu - Event settings', got to tab 'RSVP'.
  • In the field 'Unique event code to RSVP via phone call or SMS' enter some numeric value, for example 20170523.
  • Click on 'Save' button. If the value you entered already exists you will see the error message and have to enter new value.

At this point your event is configured to collect guests RSVPs via SMS. Next step is to send your invitation in which you should ask your guests to text message according to rules above. As example, it can be like this:

Please RSVP by _______ by texting to the number +1 855 981 05 05 with the text 55555 Your Name, or by visiting web page

Please remember that the event code will be removed from your event next day after it finishes to allow re-use the value in the future for other events.

Any questions about RSVP via SMS can be addressed to our support team via email