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Event page

Create event page, enter information and customize appearance.

Guest list

Add guests to your event one by one or in bulk. It's easy.

Event sharing

Share a link to your event on social networks or anywhere else.

Online RSVP

Collect guests RSVPs online and know who is going to attend your event.


Send messages to your guests (all, attending, not attending, etc). Post comments.

Gift registry

Add desirable gifts for your birthday or other event.


List things you want guests to bring to BBQ or picnic party.

Mobile friendly

All our event web-pages are mobile friendly. Guests can access information on the go.


Event page, visual customization, custom event URL, communications tools, RSVP, gift registry/potluck, etc.


Hide ads on all event related pages.

$2.99 US

Hide PartyLabz logo on all event pages and emails.

$2.99 US

Examples of special events you can plan with us


Halloween event web-page example

Hosting a halloween party? Use PartyLabz to plan it and invite friends. Use built-in 'gifts' (do not forget to rename it to 'Costumes') functionality to allow guests to enter costumes in which they are going to come to your party.

See the demo halloween event

Christmas / New Year

Christmas event web-page example

Hosting a christmas party? Plan it with us - invite family members and friends, collect their RSPV. Use built-in 'gifts' (you can rename it to 'Potluck') functionality to allow guests to enter food and drinks they are going to bring with them.

See the demo Christmas event


Potluck event web-page example

Planning a potluck? PartyLabz can help you with this:

  • create an event
  • enable gifts mode
  • rename Gifts tab to Potluck
  • add items with quantities
  • share a link to your event with friends/co-workers
See the demo potluck event

Bridal shower/Bachelor party/Wedding

Bridal shower event web-page example

Your wedding is coming? Congratulations! It's time to invite your families and friends. Create a website for the event, add a gift registry, make a guest list and send them email invitations! Get RSVP notifications.

See the demo bridal shower event

Baby shower / Baby birth

Baby shower event web-page example

Having a baby coming or have a new baby? It's time to celebrate! Create a website for the event, add a gift registry, make a guest list and send them email invitations! That's it. Your guests will RSVP online.

See the demo baby shower event

Birthday party for a child or an adult

Birthday party web-page example

You are going to celebrate your or your family member birthday? Do not know how to invite friends? That's easy! Create a website for the event, add a gift registry, make a guest list and send them email invitations! That's it. Your guests will RSVP online.

See the demo birthday event

Graduation party

Graduation party web-page example

Your child is graduating from school, college or university? Great! Invite friends and family to celebration party with our help. Create guest lists and send them nice looking email invitations and see who's going to come.

See the demo graduation event

BBQ party/Picnic

BBQ party web-page example

Gonna hold BBQ party or go with friends to a picnic? So let's get it organized. Start with entering event information and add items to a potluck list. Then list guests and send email invitations or publish the event on social networks and guests will register themselves.

See the demo BBQ party

Outdoor activities with friends

Outdoor activities with friends web-page example

You and your friends like hiking, bicycling or other outdoor activities? You can use PartyLabz to organize your event. Enter time and location where to meet and publish a link to the event in your social media. Guests registration will let you know who will be joining you.

See the demo cycling event

...and so many more ways to use PartyLabz!

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Rules are:

  • An event is eligible for the prize only if it has 5 or more guests and it will be created between August 29th and September 30th.
  • A winner will be selected randomly on October 3rd from all eligible events. We'll notify winner by email and he/she will get a chance to choose a desired e-gift card with value no more than 50$ (USD). Still, we have the right to decide what e-gift card to present to the winner.
  • It is allowed to create many events by the same host - it will increase your chances to get the prize.
  • Events must be real - we reserve the right to use information you enter to validate the winner's event.
  • A host must be at least 18 years old to get the prize.
  • A winner is solely responsible for all taxes, fees, surcharges, and duties associated with the prize.
  • We reserve the right to update the rules at any time.